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Lumberjacks “R” Us

Lumberjacks “R” Us

Living in the beautiful, alpine environment of Mill Creek has its benefits. Among them is easy access to existing trails along Biscuit Run Creek, which will one day connect us to an 1,195 acre State Park between Routes 20 and 631. The trails meander through heavily wooded countryside that presents an ever changing landscape. A landscape that was interrupted when Mother Nature decided to impede human travel by way of a 9,000 lb tree across Mill Creek's trail. Several residents complained, so the new HOA Board took action. Read more...

New Board thanks Mill Creek homeowners!

The first formal election of a Mill Creek HOA Board of Directors was conducted in compliance with our bylaws at the March 12th continuation of the January 15th Annual Meeting - which had been adjourned for lack of a quorum. The intervening period saw the establishment of an independent Election Committee and a number of volunteers dedicated to obtaining a quorum for the March vote. On March 12th, five nominees were elected to the five Board of Directors seats. Approximately 65% of homeowners participated in the election. The newly elected Board members would like to extend their deepest appreciation to homeowners Nancy Meserve and Sue Voreis for their tireless efforts in achieving a quorum and developing a standardized procedure for future election committees. But most of all, this election could not have happened without the participation of those homeowners who actively voted, assigned proxies, or abstained. Your active participation allowed us to meet a quorum requirement that had not previously been met in over 20 years. Read more...

SNOWSTORM - Move cars off street!

Cars on streets prevent VDOT from plowing. 

Please remove cars from streets before it snows.

Bad Weather Resource List

Do you use to check local, regional or state road conditions after a major storm? How about the Albemarle County Schools page for parents, that provides everything you need to know about closings and delays? Or the UVA closing information page? There must be dozens more of value to your neighbors - everything from tree removal to generator usage and product buying guides. If you use a web resource, TV/radio station or other service when weather is a problem, please share it with the rest of us! You can provide a resource via the comment link above, recommend a contractor on our recommendations page, or email the author. Let's all crowdsource a helpful list for people to use when weather is brewing. In the meantime, does anyone know how to help a small or elderly dog to poop outside after a big snowfall? How about this?

County Board votes to delay mini-dump placement

At a public hearing January 8th, the Albemarle county Board of Supervisors voted to extend the RSWA contract at Ivy for one year, thus suspending a move to place one of three proposed "convenience centers" in either Mill Creek or Keene by June 2014.

The vote followed about three hours of public commentary from over 60 residents of Keene and the Mill Creek/Avon Street Extended area - all of which reflected opposition to the county's proposal to place the first convenience center in one of those areas. Read more...

HOA Opposes Mill Creek Area mini-dump

HOA Opposes Mill Creek Area mini-dump

Residents of Avon Street Extended neighborhoods, along with area business leaders and school officials, met with newly seated Albemarle county supervisor Jane Dittmar and county staff to hear information and voice concerns regarding the placement of a proposed "convenience center" behind the Monticello fire station. The red area in the GoogleMaps image above, denotes the approximate site about 50 feet from Tandem Friends school athletic fields and across the street from Monticello High School. Coverage of the meeting by The Daily Progress can be found here. The Mill Creek HOA Position statement follows here:


A Little Free Library for Mill Creek?

A Little Free Library for Mill Creek?

A group of Mill Creek homeowners is interested in having a "Little Free Library" in Mill Creek.

Communities across North America have erected small structures for sharing donated books with their neighbors. Go to the Little Free Libraries website to see what our neighbors across the country have done!

The idea is simple: families or neighbors build a small "library" box and install it on a post along the street. It is filled with donated books available to everyone, and most have a mix of books for adults and children. This grass-roots movement began with one box in Wisconsin in 2009, and there now 10,000+ around the world, with more being installed every week.

If you are interested in planning one for Mill Creek, get in touch with Addeane Caelleigh ( or Janet Eden (

Charlottesville has at least three Little Free Libraries: one on Palatine Avenue in Belmont, another in Key West/Cedar Hills, and the newest one in Greenbriar, pictured above.

Forestry Department needs acorns

The Virginia Department of Forestry needs your help to continue producing high-quality seedlings for Virginia landowners. Virginia- grown seed generally produces trees that will grow well in our state. Every year, homeowners from all over the state donate acorns to help produce the next season’s crop.

When you rake your leaves in the fall, consider collecting the acorns and donating them to the forestry department. See the DOF website for details on what is needed and how to drop off your donations in Charlottesville.

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