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Biscuit Run Greenway Project

We are excited to invite community members to a special meeting with Albemarle County to discuss the future of the Biscuit Run Greenway project. This meeting aims to foster an open dialogue about the current status and next steps of this proposed project that would run alongside your community. We encourage residents to attend, learn more about the project, and share their thoughts, questions, and concerns.


Date: Thursday February 1, 2024

Location: Monticello High School Auditorium and Lobby


  • 5:30-6:15 pm: Open house information session
  • 6:15-6:45 pm: Presentation on the future of the Biscuit Run Greenway Project
  • 6:45-7:30 pm: Q&A Session – County staff from multiple departments, along with Supervisor Mike Pruitt, will be on hand to answer questions from the community


Some key things to know:

  • You are welcome to attend all or any part of the meeting that works best for your schedule.
  • Free food will be provided starting at 5:30.
  • An optional drop-off activity area for kids will be provided near the meeting space and will be led and supervised by Parks and Recreation program staff. This will be free of charge and open to children aged 4 and over. Kids under 4 are welcome - we ask that they stay with you during the meeting or an parent/guardian stays with them in the activity area.
  • A recap of commonly asked questions will be shared with your Board after the meeting.


Your participation is crucial in shaping the future of our community. We look forward to seeing you there. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Abbey Stumpf at with any questions about this community meeting.


Some additional information on the Biscuit Run Greenway project can be found attached and here:


The Biscuit Run Greenway project is a strategically-important initiative for Albemarle County. This long-planned bicycle and pedestrian greenway trail will increase vital connections for our community and visitors. It will help generate important public benefits: enhanced public health and personal wellness, expanded options for sustainable multi-modal transportation, increased access to economic opportunity, and equitable access to public facilities for underserved communities.

Although planned and (partially) funded through the FY23-FY27 Capital Improvement Program, this project requires multiple greenway easements across private properties before any significant public investments and progress can be made.

If the required greenway easements are acquired, Albemarle County’s proposed trail improvements for the planned Biscuit Run Connector Greenway span between VDOT’s "5th Street Station Trails Hub" project at the 5th Street Station shopping center (at the north end) and the planned Hickory Street Trailhead for future Biscuit Run Park (at the south end). The planned route generally follows and re-uses the existing historic roadbed along the east side of Biscuit Run, and will connect with the planned multi-use trail network in future Biscuit Run Park. VDOT’s "5th Street Station Trails Hub" project will also connect the planned Biscuit Run Greenway with the existing Rivanna Trail, which will be an exciting expansion of the regional network of recreational trails and bike/ped connections throughout Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville.

Proposed greenway trail improvements along this section of Biscuit Run include improved grading, drainage, and surface materials along the entire trail corridor; bridges across streams and tributaries; greenway trail signage; greenway boundary signage to identify private property; seating in appropriate locations; maintenance access points; and access management features to proactively deter misuse (such as motorized vehicles).

Common Areas Info

Common Areas Info

As summer approaches and many of us get out more, this quick note about an important Mill Creek Covenant restriction will help us live in greater harmony with each other and our neighbors.

The Mill Creek HOA owns five parcels (Common Areas) comprising over 57 acres of wooded lands.  All of these parcels serve a storm water resources function, as defined by state and federal regulations that are monitored and enforced by our county government. Our common areas abut hundreds more acres of wooded lands that are owned by various other public or private entities, such as our neighbors in Lake Reynovia, Mill Creek South and Foxcroft. Some parcels, such as 'A5' outlined in the accompanying photo, have foot trails running thru them which are part of a wider network of trails. Mill Creek common areas constitute the HOA's 'back yard' and are open to all Mill Creek homeowners (in good standing) and their guests. Because these areas belong to all homeowners, they must not be altered by anyone not expressly authorized to do so. To underscore this point, our Covenants, which are typically broad and open to interpretation by the Board, are very specific in regards to use restrictions in the common areas, stating in Article VIII, Section 1. (g) "Nothing shall be altered or constructed in or removed from the Common Area, except upon the written consent of the Association."


Winter Storm Priorities - Prepare, Survive & Recover

Winter Storm Priorities - Prepare, Survive & Recover

As the next big storm nears, there are several things we should all do to prepare, survive and recover:

- If you have a high school aged snow shoveler in your home, let your neighbors know by commenting here, or email the Board at . Blizzard conditions are a good time for strong backs to make money, while helping the community!

- Move all vehicles OFF the street. Park at the end of your driveway, but not beyond it. If you think your neighbor isn't getting this important safety message, please remind them. This is absolutely essential for snow plows to clear our roads and first responders to ensure our safety. If you need help clearing your driveway after the snowplows deposit a wall of snow there, just ask.

- Ask your elderly or infirm neighbors what help they might need. Keep an eye on them and be ready to assist.

- If a tree falls and blocks a Mill Creek street and you are unable to move/remove it, email us immediately at

- use to check local, regional or state road conditions after any major storm. Use the Albemarle County Schools page for parents, or the UVA closing information page for school info. Comment to this article and share any other helpful resources/info with your neighbors.

- Prepare for power outages! Fill your clean bathtub with water, know the nearest shelter, stock supplies, etc.  For official guidance, see: FEMA's Winter Storm Preparathon

- Did you know you should bang on your car hood after storms, to warn cats that might be sheltering there? Or that your dog benefits from boots too?  Winter pet safety tips are a Google search away. Don't forget to bring your pets inside!

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