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Common Areas Info

Common Areas Info

As summer approaches and many of us get out more, this quick note about an important Mill Creek Covenant restriction will help us live in greater harmony with each other and our neighbors.

The Mill Creek HOA owns five parcels (Common Areas) comprising over 57 acres of wooded lands.  All of these parcels serve a storm water resources function, as defined by state and federal regulations that are monitored and enforced by our county government. Our common areas abut hundreds more acres of wooded lands that are owned by various other public or private entities, such as our neighbors in Lake Reynovia, Mill Creek South and Foxcroft. Some parcels, such as 'A5' outlined in the accompanying photo, have foot trails running thru them which are part of a wider network of trails. Mill Creek common areas constitute the HOA's 'back yard' and are open to all Mill Creek homeowners (in good standing) and their guests. Because these areas belong to all homeowners, they must not be altered by anyone not expressly authorized to do so. To underscore this point, our Covenants, which are typically broad and open to interpretation by the Board, are very specific in regards to use restrictions in the common areas, stating in Article VIII, Section 1. (g) "Nothing shall be altered or constructed in or removed from the Common Area, except upon the written consent of the Association."

Homeowners identifying issues within a Mill Creek common area, such as trees down, drainage blocked, etc., should notify the Chair of the Common Grounds Committee by email at:   Complaints related to violation of use restrictions in any common area should be reported using the formal complaint form on our home page. The Mill Creek HOA budget contains several line items for maintenance of the common areas. Homeowners are welcome to discuss maintenance, budget, access, signage, planning, or any other issues related to our common areas, during published HOA Board meetings. Any homeowner wishing to do so, should email office@millcreekclassic to have the issue placed on the agenda. Board meeting info is published on our HOA page at: 

Happy trails!

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