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New Board thanks Mill Creek homeowners!

The first formal election of a Mill Creek HOA Board of Directors was conducted in compliance with our bylaws at the March 12th continuation of the January 15th Annual Meeting - which had been adjourned for lack of a quorum. The intervening period saw the establishment of an independent Election Committee and a number of volunteers dedicated to obtaining a quorum for the March vote. On March 12th, five nominees were elected to the five Board of Directors seats. Approximately 65% of homeowners participated in the election. The newly elected Board members would like to extend their deepest appreciation to homeowners Nancy Meserve and Sue Voreis for their tireless efforts in achieving a quorum and developing a standardized procedure for future election committees. But most of all, this election could not have happened without the participation of those homeowners who actively voted, assigned proxies, or abstained. Your active participation allowed us to meet a quorum requirement that had not previously been met in over 20 years.

On March 18th, HOA Officers were elected pursuant to Article IV of the Mill Creek P.U.D. HOA bylaws. Board members, Officers and current committee members are listed on the HOA page.  

MILL CREEK'S HOA NEEDS MORE COMMITTEE MEMBERS! Your HOA is forming a social committee to get the Mill Creek party started - please volunteer for this fun adventure now!!!       

Another recently created committee position is that of Area Master Planning Chair. Former Board member Pam Riley is at the leading tip of the spear in our shared effort to shape the Avon Street Extended/Scottsville Hwy area into something that all residents of our community can be proud to call home. Pam helped lead our recent efforts to remove the Monticello fire station land from consideration as a County mini-dump site. Pam has valuable planning experience and would be a good mentor to any volunteer willing to learn the nuts and bolts of community planning.

"Many hands make light work." Meet your neighbors and be a part of the home-grown governance that helps make Mill Creek such a pleasant place to live.  For more information about how you can participate on a committee, contact any Board member listed on the HOA page.

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  • Mary Bunn

    Thank you all for your time and talent serving on the BOD.

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