Mill Creek Homeowners Association

HOA Opposes Mill Creek Area mini-dump

HOA Opposes Mill Creek Area mini-dump

Residents of Avon Street Extended neighborhoods, along with area business leaders and school officials, met with newly seated Albemarle county supervisor Jane Dittmar and county staff to hear information and voice concerns regarding the placement of a proposed "convenience center" behind the Monticello fire station. The red area in the GoogleMaps image above, denotes the approximate site about 50 feet from Tandem Friends school athletic fields and across the street from Monticello High School. Coverage of the meeting by The Daily Progress can be found here. The Mill Creek HOA Position statement follows here:

Mill Creek Area Position Statement on Proposed Convenience Center Plan

Albemarle County plans to close the Ivy Materials Utilization Center and build three "convenience centers" to replace it. Despite a site near Keene having already been recommended by county staff, a site on Mill Creek Drive near the Monticello Fire Station is now being proposed.

The Board of Directors of the Mill Creek Homeowners Association, representing the residents of 214 homes in the neighborhood, has voted to oppose the location of the convenience center at the Monticello fire station area site, for the following reasons:

-The placement of a convenience center that accepts garbage within a half-mile of three area schools and a nursing home is unacceptable. Like waste transfer stations, convenience centers under heavy use may face similar concerns, such as litter, road access, vehicle queuing, storm water run on and run off. Mill Creek-area HOAs oppose the placement of a convenience center here – under any circumstances.

-The term "convenience center" misleads residents. Mill Creek-area residents are already served by a full range of convenient waste management services. There is no convenience to a recycling or convenience center that our residents don't need, won't use and provides less service than the Ivy Materials Utilization Center.

-County waste management efficiency and cost containment efforts should NOT bring undesirable effects to residents, such as lower property values - particularly in high-density population areas such as the Mill Creek area.

Convenience centers must be convenient for the host area. More time and research is clearly required in order to place convenience centers in convenient, but low-impact, low-density areas which are also NOT low-income areas, in accordance with the same federal recommendations used for siting waste transfer stations.

Mill Creek Homeowners Association

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  • Rita H. Rolph

    Avon Street is my backyard and I don’t want any more traffic than we already have.  It is so noisy.  Garbage trucks servicing this proposed convenience center and more vehicles dropping things off will add to that noise.  All of us in this area already have our own garbage disposal companies that haul away our garbage so this center needs to be located somewhere else where others don’t have a system already in place.

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