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Following an impressive term as Treasurer of the Mill Creek HOA, our neighbor Sharon Herbert has resigned and her duties will be temporarily handled by the President until a new Treasurer is appointed by the Board. The Treasurer is an officer position which has often been filled by a Board member (but probably shouldn't be). Sharon ushered in several key changes and provided a professional's touch which resulted in greatly improved HOA financial processes. The current Treasurer position now enjoys the reliability and security provided by the accounting firm of Wills & Associates, as well as the assurances imparted by a named co-signer when endorsing invoices, checks or other HOA financial instruments. Sharon streamlined Mill Creek's financial procedures, making them more transparent, efficient and secure - which leaves the next Treasurer in a really good place. If you see Sharon out and about, be sure to thank her for the many hours she spent making the Association more sound financially.

So what's the good news for anyone interested in the job? The Treasurer isn't required to make sit-down meetings, so the position is self-scheduling and very flexible. The job involves overseeing the HOA's finances by maintaining contact with our accounting firm and providing reports to the Board on a recurring basis. The Treasurer also manages the fiscal requirements of Mill Creek HOA contracts, which generally involves landscaping services. A bookkeeper is assigned to the Mill Creek account at Will's & Associates, which is helpful to say the least. No special skills are required for the position - just a desire to want to serve Mill Creek and the ability to do basic arithmetic. Please contact Brian Lewis or Jim Aitken for any questions.

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