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County Board votes to delay mini-dump placement

At a public hearing January 8th, the Albemarle county Board of Supervisors voted to extend the RSWA contract at Ivy for one year, thus suspending a move to place one of three proposed "convenience centers" in either Mill Creek or Keene by June 2014.

The vote followed about three hours of public commentary from over 60 residents of Keene and the Mill Creek/Avon Street Extended area - all of which reflected opposition to the county's proposal to place the first convenience center in one of those areas.

Several themes dominated the commentary, including traffic and safety concerns, negative impacts to local school children, depressed development and property values, environmental fears, inadequate planning by county staff, inadequate time for input by affected residents and concerns that building a single convenience center before designing and building the other two centers would create a failed implementation and subsequent overuse of that site.

When posted, the podcast of that meeting will be found here.

The Mill Creek HOA Board would like to thank everyone who attended and/or spoke at the meeting as well as those residents who signed petitions and/or wrote county supervisors regarding this issue.

Homeowners are encouraged to remain informed and involved regarding the county's waste management plans. Please contact any Mill Creek HOA Board member for more information, or to provide relevant input regarding solid waste management. Some citizens groups are also becoming more active and involved with this issue as well. The local League of Women Voters has planned a brief (11:30-1:00) forum/discussion on solid waste management (Let's Talk Trash) for mid-day Tuesday, Feb. 4, at the new County office bldg on 5th Street Extended. See:

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